Things to consider when creating a Remote Learning Community POD

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Things to consider as you think about creating a Remote Learning Community POD:

  • Following state health department guidelines
    • Don’t be the learning community group that delays in-person learning! Keep each other safe
      and healthy!
  • Why do you want to join a group?
    • Child needs
      • Extra help with online learning
      • Supervision
      • Social connection
    • Parent needs
      • Uninterrupted time
      • Safe place for kids
  • Who do you need your children to be with during remote learning?
    • Parent
    • Babysitter
    • Professional
  • What are your priorities?
    • Align with other families on activities outside of school that may present risk of exposur
      • Is everyone wearing masks outside of the home?
      • Hand washing and sanitation policies?
    • Is it important that your child(ren)…
      • are in the same group?
      • are with children from the same class?
      • can walk to the ‘group location’?
      • are with adults you know?
      • are supervised for the entire school day? Part of the day?
  • Common Group Setups:
    • Parents supporting students for all or part of the day on a rotating basis.
    • Babysitter, Tutor or other non-parental facilitator overseeing students.
    • Education professional of some sort overseeing students.
    • Primarily a social group
  • Resources and Constraints
    • What can you offer?
      • Money, time, expertise, space
    • What are your constraints?
      • Money, time, expertise, space
  • Create clear expectations for students in preparation for joining a group
    • What does it look like to be engaged during the day with school?
    • How does lunch/break time work?
    • What are the rules and expectations at your own and other people’s homes?
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