STP Meeting Minutes 9-17-20

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STP Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Richard Rhodes, Dana Kang, Cynthia Swanson, Magda Renteria, Shannon Tweedy, Julie Lund, Heather Halas, Latrice Lewis, Brian Rosen, Linda Scara, Liesl Roesch, Amy Venturi, Michel Brossmer

Meeting called to order at 7:07 am mtn


  • All STP meetings will occur on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 7:00 am- 8:15 am.
  •  All parents are welcome to attend.

Stated STP Purpose:

  • Build community and enhance student experience -Parent volunteers and coordinators
  • Raise funds
  • Provide a forum for families

STP Platform Transition Update –

  • Website migration:

    • Anticipated launch date October 1, 2020
    • Will replace Membership Toolkit for newsletter and communication to parents
    • As long as you have access to a phone, you will have access to the content on the website
    • This is where parents should go to get all of their Byers information
    • Tutorials will be offered to help parents use and navigate the site.

Committee Support

  • Fundraiser this Saturday at Penn Street Market (8am-2pm).  A portion of stales will go to Byers.

Byers Group Infrastructure (framework)

  • What we’re hoping to establish is a precedent that sets a fair, open, and transparent way for everyone to know the information STP endorses or disseminates:
  •  1. Aligns with the DSST Byers brand and community standards (A Welcoming Community…)
  •  2. Addresses a topic/area that’s deemed a community benefit
  •  3. Is non-partisan (neutral remind, and redirect all activities to be supportive and informative around providing solutions), NOT a place to complain (we’ll have a formal process for this (feedback/form)
  •  4. A formal process (online form, based on the final criteria) to submit a Group:

    • STP Leadership Internal process to review and make a recommendation
    • STP Leadership approval process (notification to Group Moderator)
    • Preparation and Launch of Group
  • Once Launched – Community of practice norms (around social networks):

    • Expectations (rules, structure (group moderator)
    • Monitoring and Warnings (by the group moderator)
    • Removal process (of content and member(s), people can only be removed from a Group, but not STP
    • Disclaimer: STP is an independent organization (governing body) that supports the school
  • Looking for parents to help translate pages

With no other questions or comments, the meeting concluded at 8:02 am

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