STP Meeting Minutes 8-13-20

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Byers STP Meeting

August 13th, 2020

Zoom call

In attendance:  Monica Dupen, Shannon Tweedy, Michel Brossner, Richard Rhodes, Liz Levy, Dana King, Cynthia Swanson, Heather Halas, Danielle Vitale, Brian Rosen, Linda Scara, Lisa ? , Liesl Roesch, Julie Lund

Meeting called to order at 3:33 pm

Electing Vice-Chair

  • Richard Rhodes called for a move to vote in Brian Rosen as Vice-Chair of STP. Monica Dupen 2nd.  Motion passes. Brian Rosen will be the 2020-2021 STP Vice-Chair.


Richard Rhodes

  • STP will transition to the electronic tools and continue to build out infrastructure. How will we continue to support parents and kids in this virtual school year?
  • Growing Together at Byers will be the brand for our fundraising efforts.
  • Building out @Byers brand
  • STP website – there will be a forward-facing site for parents and a back end for STP team members
  • The STP team will use Trello to organize projects and to help with the transition between team leaders so information is transferred until the website is complete.
  • Need to recruit an Athletics & Activities Support chair
  • “Pods” – Helping students connect to one another with educational support or form affinity groups around certain issues. Does it align with school values?  Does STP want to help create pods or affinity groups?
  • STP meeting, 3rd Thursday of the month at 8:15 am – the decision will be made if meetings will continue to be at this time every month. Meetings will be recorded and shared moving forward.

The meeting concluded at 4:36 pm.

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