STP | Leadership Meeting Minutes 3-18-21

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STP Agenda – 3-18-21 | 7:00 – 8:15 AM | via Zoom
In attendance: Dana K, Heather H, Linda S, Magda R, Richard R
The meeting commenced at 7:03 AM.
 Welcome and Introductions 
  •  All STP meetings will occur on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 7:00 am- 8:15 am. 
  •  All parents are welcome to attend.
  •  Please introduce yourselves via the chat feature (name, your children’s grade, or graduation class year)
STP Committee Support Updates [7:10 – 8:00] 
  • Family Connections @ Byers (distinct family activity vs. STP Admin Meetings)
      • 3-17-21 Family Connections @ Byers — Supporting Our Students’ Well-Being event went well and will be posted to the STP website within a couple of days
      • The next event currently being planned for is 4/28 @ 7-8:30 PM, via Zoom
      • Recommend Parent, School, and Volunteer Support leads to get involved in helping drive this marquee event moving forward
  • Fundraising (GT@B) efforts [Dana, or Richard]: 
        • Status Update (raised so far, Byers $40,350, plus Network has received additional donations designated to Byers for a total of $77,422 to date)
          • Next comms push: Spring campaign (during April)
          • Dana King and Emily Solomon will be co-chairing the fundraising committee moving forward.
          • Long-term plan (DSST Network Collaboration), still in the process
          • Corporate and Business Community Sponsorship:
            • First meeting slated for today at 9 AM (via Zoom)
            • Strategy development (need volunteers to help craft):
              • Byers Community Small Businesses (parent & surrounding community)
              • Byers Corporate Business Support (parent & Byers supporters)
              • Sports Events and Promotional Packages as well as the:
  • Treasure 
  • Secretary 
  • School Support 
    • Staff Support (update from Linda), One more event towards the end of the year
    • Parent Support 
  • Restaurant Nights (update from Heather (Byers Middle School! Pizzeria Locale):
  • Volunteer Coordinator  
  • Any other updates?
  • Prepare for New STP Leadership Recruitment for next Year 

    • Reach out to current leadership to see if they’re continuing in their role next year, then recruit for the gaps
 Open Discussion – 7:18-7:30 AM
  • It was suggested to move the STP leadership meeting time back to either 8 AM, 8:15 AM, 8:30 AM or keep the same?
 Close Meeting – 7:35 AM 
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