STP | Leadership Meeting Minutes 2-18-21

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STP Agenda – 2-18-21 | 7:00 – 8:15 AM | via Zoom

In attendance: Richard Rhodes, Amy Venturi, Brian Rosen, Shannon Tweedy, Liesl Roesch, Heather Halas, Dana Kang, Liz Levy, Julie Lund

The meeting commenced at  ?

Welcome and Introductions

  •  All STP meetings will occur on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 7:00 am- 8:15 am.
  •  All parents are welcome to attend.

STP Committee Support Updates

Family Connections @ Byers
 (distinct family activity vs. STP Admin Meetings)

    • Will be promoting the differences (Admin vs. Family Meetings)
    • Recap of first 1/28 event
    • Next Event currently being planned for 3/17 @ 8:30 PM, 4/21 @ 8:30 PM, and 5/12 @ 8:30 PM

      • 3/17 event focusing on a 30 min talk from Byers own Natalie Jung re: ‘Completing the Stress Cycle’, this was part of Professional Development series thought to be useful for both parents and students, Following a 10-15 minute Q&A before breaking sessions:
      • Session #1 Byers Hispanic Family Group (what, why, where, wants)
      • Session #2 New to Blue (Byers) Group (what, why, where, wants)
      • Session #3 Special Needs Learners ?????
    • Let us know if you’d like to assist or volunteer with this effort (ask Michel if she’d be interested in driving this under the ‘Community Relations Chair’ role?
  • Fundraising (GT@B) efforts [Dana, Richard or Danielle]:

    • Status Update (raised so far (?)

      • Next comms push: 3/15, 4/12, 5/10
      • Long-term plan (DSST Network Collaboration), still in the works
      • Corporate and Business Community Sponsorship:

        • Strategy development (need volunteers to help craft):

          • Byers Community Small Businesses (parent & surrounding community)
          • Byers Corporate Business Support (parent & Byers supporters)
          • Sports Events and Promotional Packages as well as the:
  • Secretary – Currently all communication will go out through the weekly newsletter.  If needed we will supplement, but trying not to increase comms to parents.
  • School Support – Hoping to add more events 3rd quarter for students

    • Staff Support – Lunch for staff was successful
    • Would like to do another event for the staff before year end
  • Restaurant Nights – Heather:  Looking at finalizing date with Pizzeria Locale
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Shannon:  No updates
  • Prepare for New STP Leadership Recruitment for next Year (STP Positions Filled (FEB/MAR/APRIL (elections in April)

    • Work with Brian on this process (see Milestone Event Notes)
    • Focus on recruiting

Meeting concluded at 7:56 am.

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