STP | Leadership Meeting Minutes 12-19-20

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STP meeting 12-19-20

In attendance:  Amy Venturi, Monica Dupen, Richard Rhodes, Heather Halas, Linda Scara, Melissa Edwards, Tim Rathman

Meeting start at 8:17


Plus One – Monica Dupen

  • Increase parent engagement in the school


  • Ask every family to give something – attend a meeting, volunteer, connect students to the community, make a donation


  • The parent survey will be sent out in January


  • STP to start including Plus One information in our volunteer emails to remind parents that volunteering counts as your Plus One.


  • In the summer packets we recognize parents/guardians to show what we accomplished – contributions to the wealth of our community

Restaurant Nights – Heather Halas

  • Waiting on dates from restaurants


  • Give ourselves a month to advertise the opportunities


  • Ideally set all of next years restaurants by the end of this year

Parent Support – Melissa Edwards

  • People enjoying meeting to talk about the book


  • Parent socials – change to one a quarter next year


  • All emails scheduled to go out about happy hours and the book club


  • Morning walks will start again this spring

DSST Network Board Meeting

  • Next meeting: January 16th at Byers

Staff Support – Linda Scara

  • Little support for the Stock the Lounge – only 7th & 10th grade parents receive the request


  • We will add information to the newsletter

STP Updates – Monica Dupen

  • We have started marketing the STP Facebook page


  • STP will provide food for the upcoming staff retreat

Meeting adjourned for Byers School Director Meeting with Elin Curry – 9:57am

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