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Meeting Minutes:   November 19, 2020

In attendance
Richard Rhodes, Amy Venturi, Liesl Roesch, Liz Levy, Cynthia Swanson, Dana Kang, Heather Halas, Shannon Tweedy, Julie Lund, Linda Scala

The meeting commenced at 7:03 am

Welcome and Introductions

STP Parent Platform Transition Update


  • Website Updates:

    • Received updates and uploaded into the site
    • Special thanks to Liesl Roesch for her hard work
    • Classes are in the website database by graduating year
    •  Update on parent database import (finalizing this aspect), then we’ll be ready to PROMOTE:
    •  Promoting Opportunities & Usage (during & post COVID)

      •  Need to promote and recruit moderator for ‘Remote Learning Group’
      •  Request for a ‘Community Engagement for Equity At Byers’ Group (by Helen O., Teacher), Richard provide an update on the last meeting
  •  On-boarding and training session for the new platform (Lead by Richard, Liesl, Cynthia & Shannon)

    • STP training to go over the nuts and bolts of the new platform (e.g., project management, volunteering, etc.)
    • We still need to send out a Doodle Request (need input from leadership when would be an ideal time?) Sooner than later
    • Provide training for all parents on using the website one evening after the holidays
    • Find a time to train STP team in the next few weeks

 Committee Support Updates


  •  Staff Support –

    •  Teacher Appreciation Requests – Shannon and Linda signing up for coffee deliveries to teachers. Looking to buying your teacher lunch, gift cards for teachers in February.
    •  Fundraising (Richard, Brian, or Dana)
    •  Restaurant Night.  Heather  –  Promote restaurants that supported us last year.  Once a month, pick a restaurant.  Ideally list out all the restaurants, per month, for the rest of the school year
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