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STP meeting 1-21-21

In attendance: Richard Rhodes, Brian Rosen, Amy Venturi, Liesl Roesch, Liz Levy, Cynthia Swanson, Dana Kang, Heather Halas, Linda Scala
The meeting commenced at 7:03 am
Welcome and Introductions
  • All STP meetings will occur on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 7:00 am- 8:15 am. 
  • All parents are welcome to attend.
  • Introduce yourselves via the chat feature (name, your children’s grade or graduation class year)
Committee Support Updates
STP Support Update Requests
  • Parent Support (Remote & Affinity Groups)
    • Prepare to fully launch and promote the STP platform to:
      • Promote Fundraising (GT@B) efforts (currently at 40k)
        • Current push to support current needs
          • Next comms push: 2/8, 3/15, 4/12, 5/10
        • Long-term plan (DSST Network Collaboration)
      • Promote Ongoing Events
        • Family Engagement (new families and equity group), Launching 1/28, from 7-8:30 PM via Zoom
          • The results from this meeting will inform parent/community engagement moving forward
            • Hispanic Parent Group
            • Remote Learning Group (perhaps partner/collaborate with Steven Menduke, our Associate School Director of Instruction(?) to compliment the all school effort
  • Comms Protocols (new online form):
    • Secretary (Amy) is the main POC for all comms (internal/external) request(s):
      • STP sends all request to Secretary
      • STP Supports are responsible for either posting their content on the site (in it’s relevant place), or submitting it to the secretary
      • Volunteering opportunities can be emailed out via the Newsletter/Email feature on a as needed basis.
    • We’ll need a Comms model for any/all events:
      • Week four = Save the date/It’s coming
      • Two Weeks Out = Reminder
      • One of (Hey, tomorrow don’t forget) = Details and Call to action
    • Secretary updates the Byers Project & Communications Timeline Spreadsheet
    • Secretary coordinates with Bailey on sequencing of outgoing comms
      • Monday/Tuesday’s are the best days and times to hit up Bailey for outgoing stuff
    • Standard Comms Form:
      • Name of event
      • Event Date
      • Time
      • Audience(s)
      • Dates for emails to be sent
    • Another announce about the new STP website, featuring:
      • Family Engagement Night
      • Hispanic Parent Group
      • Remote Learning Group
Called meeting to a close – 7:45 
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