STP | Leadership Meeting Minutes 4-15-21

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STP Agenda – 4-15-21 | via Zoom

In attendance: Richard Rhodes, Amy Venturi, Brian Rosen, Liesl Roesch, Linda Scala, Liz Levy, Dana Kang, Shannon Tweedy

The meeting commenced at 7:03 AM

Welcome and Introductions

  •  All STP meetings will occur on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 7:00 am- 8:15 am.
  •  All parents are welcome to attend.

STP Committee Support Updates

Family Connections @ Byers – Family Connections events will become STP’s marquis events

  • The goal of Family Connections & Byers events are to connect the parent community to the Byers community
  • Next event: 4-28-21 Family Connections @ Byers: Transitioning to “new” normal,  Start by learning from Daniel Hettleman, Ph.D., P.C., psychologist, and parent of Byers alumni students about tips navigating transitions and uncertainty both at school and at home. Daniel’s private practice includes but isn’t limited to family therapy, couples therapy, and individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults, as well as educational evaluations for students (including adults) with learning challenges.

    • End the evening in breakout sessions with other families based on shared interests and experiences (A new STP feature that began this year):

      • Spanish Speaking Families
      • Arabic Speaking Families
      • Families of Students with Learning Difference
      • General Group
    • Potential future groups include:

      • Families of First-Generation College Students


  • Fundraising (GT@B) efforts [Dana]:

    • Status Update (raised so far, Byers $40,350, plus Network has received additional donations designated to Byers for a grand total of $77,422 to date)

      • Next comms push: Spring campaign (during the month of April)
      • Dana King and Emily Solomon will be co-chairing the fundraising committee moving forward
      • Long-term plan (DSST Network Collaboration), still in the process
      • Corporate and Business Community Sponsorship:

        • First meeting slated for today at 9 AM (via Zoom)
        • Strategy development (need volunteers to help craft):

          • Byers Community Small Businesses (parent & surrounding community)
          • Byers Corporate Business Support (parent & Byers supporters)
          • Sports Events and Promotional Packages
  • Secretary – Amy – When sending in events to Bailey, please do not include her on the back and forth chatter
  • School Support Liz – We will continue to focus on Family Connection events

    • Staff Support – Linda – One more event towards the end of the year
  • Restaurant Nights Heather – A success event with Pizzeria Locale (Byers Middle School! Pizzeria Locale):
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Shannon – Will need volunteers for the COVID vaccination days at Byers & Teacher Appreciation – more to come!
  • Any other updates – How do we get more guardians to register through the website?  Can we do a push notification?
  • Preparing for next year (STP continuous improvements)

    • Working with Brian and Elin on this process

      • Elin’s crafting the strategic goals for next year and will update us within a month
    • We’re going to complete the documentation, roles and strategy heading into next year
  • All information will be posted on the portal

Close Meeting – 7:58 AM

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