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What is it?

The Growing Together @ Byers Direct Give Campaign is DSST: Byers largest and only school wide fundraiser of the year.  We are essentially asking families to contribute to the fund as generously as they can. No donation is too small.  Every dollar counts.

When is the campaign?

The campaign will run all year long.  We encourage you to get your donation as soon as you can because it helps us to plan activities/events we can fund. We use money we raise this year to fund this year’s needs and budget shortfalls. 

What are the goals for the campaign? 

We hope to raise $125,000 and would like to have 90% participation of our families.

Where will the funds go?

The funds will enhance the student experience through providing resources and opportunities not covered by per pupil funding.  The areas of focus for this year are providing start up costs for new clubs, sustaining existing clubs with budgets for yearly expenses, supporting athletics, supporting the growth of student government and school spirit activities, providing funds to to continue school wide community building events such as the Fall Festival and Multicultural night, funds focused on teacher retention and the College Success Opportunity Fund focused on allowing all students to have the experiences that will build their college resumes to give them the best chance to be accepted to and receiving adequate scholarships to their best fit college and to pay college application fees and visit colleges.  Finally, we provide a portion (about 15%) of the funds we raise as a donation to the DSST Network in order to support the overall goal of our community to end educational inequity and to provide resources beyond per pupil funding to our DSST sister schools. Some of the network donation comes back to our community as all DSST schools receive a portion of these donated funds and all DSST schools who fundraise pay into this donation pool.

2 Easy Ways to Donate
  1. Donate with Cash or Check by using the Growing Together @Byers Contribution Form  
  2. Donate online with a credit card by clicking here Online Donation


This year we will be using Donor Perfect as our online donation platform.  We are doing this because it allows DSST Byers to collect donations directly and eliminates the delay caused by STP having to write a check to the school.  ​​

You still have the option to give a one time donation or split your donation up into 10 monthly payments.  Please enter our address and email address so that we can send out tax receipts.

You can change or stop your donation anytime by emailing


Finally, Don’t Forget:  Your company can participate through Company Matching:

Did you know that 65% of all companies match and some will do 2-1 matching?   This is an easy way to double or even triple your donation.  Check with your Human Resources Department to see if your company matches.

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