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What are the DSST Core Values?

The six DSST Core Values are Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Courage, Curiosity and Doing Your Best. They are the foundation of Byers and are an active part in the daily lives of each community member. Visitors to our community most often remark that the values are not simply words on walls but are tangibly lived by students, staff, and families at DSST: Byers.

What are the start and end times of school?

The school day will start at 8:00am and end at 3:20pm (MTThF) with a shortened schedule on Wednesdays, from 8:00am to 1:45pm.

What is the scope and sequence of course offerings?

Subjects9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade12 Grade
English Language ArtsCompositionWorld LiteratureAmerican LiteratureCollege Pre-English
AP Language
AP Literature
MathematicsMath 1H
Math 2H
Algebra 2*

*Course phased out with class of 2020

Algebra 2
Math 2H
Algebra 2
Calc AB*
Calc AB
Calc BC/AP Stats*
Honors Physics
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Physics
AP Computer Science
Social Studies/HistoryHumanitiesWorld HistoryAmerican History
AP US History

AP US History
Civics/AP Gov

Academic Electives (Music, Wellness, STEM, Other)Speech and Debate
Team Sports
College Seminar
and others
Foreign LanguageSpanish 1
Spanish for Native Speakers (SNS)
Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
AP Spanish
Spanish 3
AP Spanish
Internship/OtherCollege Seminar (during elective block)Internship (1 trimester)Senior Project (2 trimesters)

What are the AP course offerings that are typical of a DSST high school?

DSST is committed to not just offering AP courses, but to ensuring that students will be successful on the AP exams in order to earn college credit. Our philosophy continues to be that depth is more valuable than breadth when it comes to advanced course offerings while also offering a variety of high quality AP courses. In addition, DSST Byers is very responsive to its high achieving student body and will plan its course offerings accordingly to ensure this high level of academic rigor continues throughout students’ high school years.

Confirmed AP Course OfferingsPotential AP Course Offerings
AP US History
AP Calculus (AB & BC)
AP Chemistry
AP Biology
AP Physics
AP Spanish
AP English Language
AP English Literature
AP Psychology
AP Statistics
AP Computer Science
AP Music Theory

Did you know that 97% of DSST students who took the AP Biology exam last year passed? 
Additionally in 2014-15, DSST schools only made up 5% of the number of students who took the AP exams in Colorado, however represented:

49% of passing Physics C: Mechanics scores
41% of passing Biology scores
39% of passing Chemistry scores
32% of passing Calc AB scores
25% of passing Calc BC scores
18% of passing US History scores

What electives will be offered?

Click HERE to see our Electives Overview.

What is the internship and Senior Project?

In the 11th grade year, all students will participate in a 10-week long internship, giving them an opportunity to apply some of the learning they’ve done in classes to a real-world job. Click HERE for more information on the 11th grade intership program. In the 12th grade year, all students will complete a Senior Project, intended to synthesize learning from their experiences throughout their time with DSST.

Is Summer School required?

Current 8th graders of DSST: Byers do NOT have to attend NSA (New Student Academy) summer school prior to their 9th grade year. Summer school is mandatory for all new-to-DSST:Byers students.

What competitive sports will be offered?

DSST: Byers High School will offer competitive teams in cross country, volleyball, soccer, and basketball. Students interested in other sports not offered at DSST: Byers will be able to do so at either their neighborhood school or at nearby South High School. DSST: Byers staff will fully support student athletes who participate in sports through other local high schools (e.g. early release). More information can be found on the athletic website.

Will the high school have college placement?

Yes! Byers is dedicated to the college placement process for each and every student and begins this process as soon as high school begins. The college process will be an ongoing and regular conversation with students, with information and resources infused throughout their high school experience, particularly through DSST’s unique Advisory Program and Morning Meetings (offered daily). Multiple visits to colleges will also be part of this plan. The DSST network provides tremendous college placement support to all its campuses, which Byers High School will benefit from. Each high school within the network employs a full-time Director of College Placement. DSST: Byers hired a director for the class of 2020 starting with the 2017-18 school year.

Does DSST provide transportation?

No, DPS high schools do not offer school transportation and many students use RTD public transportation, and/or participate in carpool arrangements. DSST provides students with  a family directory to help connect with other families in their area, and information from the Way To Go School Pool program to help arrange carpool or group walks or rides. For RTD route and schedule information, please visit or call 303.638.9000. Monthly bus passes also are available at DSST or may be purchased at a local King Soopers.

Is DSST Byers an open campus?

No, we are a closed campus. Students remain on campus for the duration of the school day unless excused for specific opportunities like off-campus internships or athletic events.

How does DSST handle discipline issues?

The DSST community is founded on the school’s six core values (as previously described) and all students, parents and teachers formally commit to doing their best to live and support these core values. The DSST core values provide students with the opportunity for self-improvement, individual growth, and character development, as well as support stewardship of our entire DSST community. Most student discipline issues are handled through direct conversation and using the student mistake as a “teachable moment.”  The student may be assigned to DSST’s discipline options (Refocus and/or College Prep sessions) are utilized to address specific behavior issues. DSST follows Denver Public Schools’ guidelines regarding serious offenses. Please refer to the DPS website for more information.


Complete your annual Free and Reduced Price (FRL) Lunch Application Online

  • It is vital that 100% of families complete the FRL application every year
  • Please be aware that ALL applications will be processed online this year. You must do this on a computer, tablet or mobile device- if you need assistance please come to your school or contact DPS Foodservices at 720-423-5600

Pay your student fee

Student fees are $250 for MS students ($100 if you qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch) and $275 for HS students ($110 if you qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch)

Avoid the wait and pay online for maximum convenience. Options are available online to pay partial amounts if you would like to establish a payment plan or can only pay a portion of the total fee. All school fee amounts go to support computer hardware, software, student activities, trips and supplies for your student.

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