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Byers deeply appreciates the complications that have arisen due to the COVID19 crisis. We also acknowledge that the comfort for each individual and family is different, and are supportive of everyone’s unique decision about how to approach learning during this epidemic. We’ve had a number of families reach out about ‘pods’ and wanted to provide some clarity on what we are able to do to support groupings outside of the school, as well as suggestions for how to approach this in collaboration with STP.

First, thank you for your continued commitment to Denver Public Schools and DSST. As you may have read in the Board of Education Statement on ‘Learning Pods’, pulling students out of public schools in this time of
crisis has the potential to have a dramatic negative impact on our communities. Public schools are key
institutions within our country and rely on the participation of all families to truly provide what is best for all
students. We are proud of, and believe in the power of, our diverse community and we need all of you to
continue to truly be our best. Thank you for your continued commitment to Byers, and know that we are more committed than ever to ensuring that your student gets the best possible education such that they are as prepared or more prepared than their peers as they graduate and move on to college and beyond.

Byers is unable to schedule students into specific groups for a variety of reasons including that we intentionally create student groupings to reflect the diversity of our learners. It is also impossible for us to accommodate schedule requests based on the constraints of our scheduling team, particularly in a year where we are likely to need to reschedule students various times as we transition from remote to hybrid to who knows what. However, we do want to be flexible in supporting families as they work together to create Learning Community Groups and share the load while students are learning from home. Therefore, we are prepared to be flexible and provide support on a case-by-case basis, please reach out to your grade-level Dean.

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