2018/19 Flight of the Falcon Results

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Total Fundraising via Flight of the Falcons Campaign  $111,933.78                                                                 

* Funds were distributed based upon the funds application process. The following list of items was funded:

Clubs and Enrichment- this year we funded a variety of projects which enabled students to experience new things at Byers!

  • Speech and Debate- we funded our first Speech and Debate team this year and are excited for them to continue to grow at Byers!
  •  Destination Imagination- provided registration fees and supplies to kick-start these teams.
  •  MS Music Club- sponsored a teacher to provide a space for students to start a band and play instrumental music
  • Cameras for Photo Class and Yearbook- if you’ve seen the excellent pictures on our social media or are getting excited about yearbooks you can thank FOF!
  • Adobe Editor- provided licenses to support the quality of our HS Newspaper (Talon Times) and Yearbook
  • Step Club- provided uniforms for our Step Club who rocked the house at Senior Signing Day and brought tons of joy to our entire High School Community
  • Drama Club- supported 2 guest teachers to come in and run our MS Drama club. Students performed ’15 Reasons Not To Be in a Play’ and participated in the 2019 DPS Shakespeare Festival as well as the Spring Arts Showcase.
  • 3D Printers- purchased 3D printers that were used across the high school for our Engineering courses.
  • BSA Fashion Show- supported our Black Student Association in putting on their first annual fashion show, and it was a hit!

Community Building Events sponsored by Falcons Without Borders – We provided funding for our FWOB group that helped ensure that our staff is compensated to do this work year over year and that our Fall Fun Day and Multicultural Night whole-school events could be planned and executed at the level we’ve come to expect.

College Success Opportunity Fund – We know, as a Network, that one of the main things holding students back from getting accepted and receiving adequate scholarships to attend their best fit schools is a lack of extracurricular activities and experiences. Our Opportunity Fund provided sponsorship for students from our high school to attend National Student Leadership Conferences, participate in the WPI Frontiers Program, Summer @ Brown: Genome Hijackers, Camp 4 Kenyon College, Club Volleyball, CU Denver Lynx Photography Class, Colorado Student Leaders Institute. Funds were awarded primarily based on the quality of student applications but also took into account financial need, connection to career and/or college and overall quality of programming.

Trophy Case – We are excited to unveil our trophy case during the 2019-20 school year and excited to have a place to proudly celebrate our accomplishments as a campus!

Parent Support – Speakers for parent events, School Directory

​​DSST Community Support (15%) – Donation to the DSST Network to provide resources for all DSST Network students to have experiences not funded by per pupil funding.

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