2017/18 Flight of the Falcon Results

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Total Fundraising via Flight of the Falcons Campaign  – $67,990.52                                                                 

​Clubs -Guitars for HS Guitar Club.  Visiting artist fees, costumes and set supplies for drama club.   Climbing Club (Reusable gear and scholarships). Consumable art supplies for visual arts club.  Start up costs for dance club.

Student Support – High School Pep Rallies, T-shirts for Pep club, Supplies for school wide donut day and last day ice cream. HR monitors for use during all MS PE classes.  HS retreat for all 9th and 10th graders. Assessment test kits for SPED students to support IEPs. Supplies for student mental health.

Staff Support – Teacher appreciation activities

​​Athletics – Upgrade to concession stand for use during athletic games.

​​Building Improvements/Student Support – Investment in Student information multimedia center and trophy case for main entrance (½ funded)

​​Parent Support – Speakers for parent events, School Directory

​​DSST Community Support (10%) – Donation to the DSST Foundation to help fund visits to out of state colleges for students.

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