2016/17 Flight of the Falcon Results

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Total Fundraising via Flight of the Falcons Campaign  – $44,527.23                                                * Funds were distributed based upon the funds application process the following list of items was funded:

Clubs – Robotics (fab lab equipment and reusable supplies), Small stipends for club leaders who run year long clubs with more than 10 students, Climbing Club (Reusable gear and scholarships), MS Chess Club (Tournament grade chess boards and clocks), Lego Robotics Club – Lego robotics kits

Student Support – Middle School Dances (reusable supplies), High School Homecoming and Spring Fling, Scholarships for Wednesday Enrichments, High School Pep Rallies

Staff Support – Teacher requested supplies for testing days, Teacher appreciation activities

Athletics – High School Mascot

​​Building Improvements/Student Support – 6 Mac computers, Professional lighting and microphones for all school events and performances, Wall mural completed at FWoB’s Multicultural Event

​​Parent Support – Speakers for parent events, School Directory

​​DSST Community Support (10%) – Donation to the DSST Foundation to help fund visits to out of state colleges for students.

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