The Mentor Role:
  •  Each mentor will be assigned a student(s) for a trimester.
  • Mentors must be willing to mentor a student and have a genuine desire to help foster an interest in your profession
  • Mentors plan for what the student will be involved in during the internship time that considers the student’s safety and wellbeing. Students may either be shadowing/observing or actively participating in some form of work.
  • Mentors will evaluate the student’s performance twice during the trimester.
  • Mentors commit to regular communication with our Manager of College Success-Internships, regarding student progress.
  • Students will enroll in an internship course that takes place during their internship trimester. The content for this course includes a series of professional training workshops aimed at improving the soft skills necessary in finding success in the professional world. They will do a series of projects and journal entries throughout the trimester to hold them accountable for their learning. Students will receive credit and a grade for the work they do in the class as well as at their placement site.
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