DSST: Byers High School’s Internship Program

The Byers High School Internship Program will impact each of our juniors and their future career decisions. In addition to receiving extra help from motivated, young individuals, your organization has the opportunity to shape the students of our community and assist them in their professional growth. Partner with us and help inspire our future leaders of Denver!

Internship Logistics:

Each student will intern during one trimester of their junior year:

    •  Summer: June-August
    •  Trimester 1: August – November
    •  Trimester 2: December – February
    •  Trimester 3: March – May
  •  Students will be available to intern any afternoon during the week totaling 4 hours each week.
  •  Students will organize their own transportation to and from internship.
  • Students will take a class which coincides with their internship that reinforces the hard and soft skills they are developing.
  • Students may either be shadowing/observing or actively participating in some form of work.

For more information, please contact:
Cassidy Greif 

Manager of College Success-Internships
(720) 437 – 0316

What Our Partners Are Saying About Our DSST Students:

“Ben is an absolute pleasure to have in the office. He works well with everyone and is engaged when being introduced to new things. Ben is great at recognizing when he spots problems and looks into them without direction to help bring solutions to the table.” –Mentor, GutCheck

“Jaizlyn is about as thoughtful as any intern could be. She is bright and a self-starter. She is willing to try anything we throw her way. Clayton and Co. is very happy to have her.” – Mentor, Clayton and Co.

“Precious does a great job and is always actively engaged in her work! She asks thoughtful questions about the pharmacy field and is always willing to learn new things.” –Mentor, Walgreens Pharmacy

Internship Program Goals:
  • Provide opportunities for students to experience a professional environment in order to build professionalism and confidence outside the classroom setting
  • Expose students to career opportunities in a field of interest that will help guide students in their college and career decisions
  • Allow students to build relationships with employers and professionals
  • Provide local businesses and organizations extra help and assistance from young motivated individuals
  • Increase representation of underrepresented populations in STEM and professional field
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