Close out 2020 with a donation to DSST: Byers! Like everything in our crazy pandemic year, our yearly fundraising campaign is kicking off later than usual. We have faced so many new challenges together this year, and deeply appreciate your continued support as we work to maintain programming that ensures that students are making connections and finding success inside and outside of the classroom. Our GT@B campaign funds our yearly discretionary budget. With the economic downturn due to COVID19, we expect this budget to be increasingly tighter as we move into the 2021-22 school year, and every dollar truly counts.

This year, despite the pandemic, we were able to use funds from last year’s campaign to pay for coaches and digital platforms to continue many of our clubs and activities including Drama Club, Speech and Debate, Student Affinity Groups, Cross Country, Basketball, Cheer, E-Sports Club, Newspaper, Student Government, and more. In addition, these funds have provided us with flexibility to provide more materials to you in your homes – texts, science kits, etc. This year our Growing Together at Byers (GT@B) campaign is more important than ever! As we look towards the 2021-22 school year our carryover for this year will directly impact our discretionary budget and, therefore, the activities and resources we are able to provide for our Falcons.

As our most accessible ‘plus one’ opportunity in this pandemic world, we are hoping that every member of our community will give what they can- be it $1 or $1000! We are so deeply thankful for everything you have each managed this year, and we know it hasn’t been easy. Thank you for your continued support of DSST: Byers, we are glad to be in this together! To set up a recurring or one-time donation, follow the link here.