Student Internship Class:

Students will enroll in an internship course that takes place during their internship trimester. The
content for this course includes a series of professional training workshops aimed at improving the
soft skills necessary in finding success in the professional world. They will do a series of projects
and journal entries throughout the trimester to hold them accountable for their learning. Students will
receive credit and a grade for the work they do in the class as well as at their placement site.

How do you find an internship?

1.)Talk with parents and brainstorm ideas that may have something that could connect to a future career)

2.) Start looking for internships through either your resources or using the offered jobs page

3.) Begin starting to update or create a resume

4.) Reach out to more than one company and be prepared for any possible interviews

Found an internship! -> Site Agreement

What do I do once I’ve found an internship??

1.) Reach out to the person whose post you were interested in

2.) Possibly find a time to go over internship requirements, objectives and sign the Site Agreement!

If you have completed you internship, please complete this feedback form!