Science and Technology Parents (STP) is like a PTA – only better! We work in partnership with the school to develop an inclusive parent community that supports students, teachers, and administration. We facilitate the majority of our activities through ‘Family Connections’ community engagement and programming. All parents/legal guardians with a currently enrolled student at DSST: Byers are automatically members of STP.

Here are some of the best ways to ‘Get Connected’ @Byers, which would you be interested in?

  1. Volunteer or attend any number of our ‘Family Connections’ community engagement and programming throughout the year.
  2. Support our ‘Growing Together @ Byers’ (formally the Flight of the Falcons) fundraising efforts
  3. Join our Parent Group “STP” meetings and/or attend Family Communication Events
Is there a membership fee?
No, we are not part of a larger organization like a PTA or PTO, so there are no fees.
What is the purpose of the STP?
•   Build community and enhance the student experience through events and programs.
•   Provide a forum for families to share information and find resources.
•   Promote and coordinate parent volunteers for activities.
•   Raise funds to support students, staff, and family activities at DSST: Byers.
Are there meetings?
The STP Board meets once a month, and dates and times for the next school year will be listed on our website. All parents are welcome. STP also hosts monthly ‘Family Connection’ events geared towards parents wherever they are within the school community.