Science and Technology Parents (STP) is like a PTA – only better! We work in partnership with the school to develop an inclusive parent community that supports students, teachers, and administration. We facilitate the majority of our activities through ‘Family Connections’ community engagement and programming. All parents/legal guardians with a currently enrolled student at DSST: Byers are automatically members of STP.

Current Leadership | 2021-22

My name is Brian Rosen and I am the STP Chair for the 2021-22 school year. I have three children at Byers (11th, 8th, and 7th grade) and work as a residential real estate broker with Kentwood. I initially joined STP to meet other parents and find out what Byers was all about. I have gradually taken on more responsibility over the years to help support our dedicated staff. Our goal for this school year is for every parent to feel connected to our community and involve themselves in a meaningful way.

My name is Liz Levy, I have an 11th grader, and I am the STP School Support Chair. I’m a professional photographer and a Photoshop and Photography Instructor.

As the STP School Support, I help the STP and the school in the planning and execution of different STP sponsored events, such as the Ice Cream Social, Middle School Dances, WAL Day, Scoops, and Jams, and many more.

I love volunteering because it gives me the opportunity to help others, and at Byers, I have found an amazing community of parents, students, and staff who share the same passion as me. I joined the STP for this exact same reason, our community is a warm, inclusive, and supporting place, where we strive to make everyone feel heard and welcome.

Dana Kang

Fundraising Co-Chair

Parent to 9th, 11th, and 12th graders. I am involved with STP fundraising because I believe all our kids deserve stellar extracurricular activities and opportunities not afforded by the school’s budget.


Emily Solomon, Fundraising Co-Chair, has been actively involved at DSST: Byers since the very beginning and is a proud parent of Noah, a founding member of the Class of 2020. She and her husband Jay have four children (3 in college!) and their youngest is now a 7th grader at Byers. Emily is the Grants Manager at Keshet and over the past 20+ years, she always has made volunteering at her kids’ various schools a priority. Recognizing that active parents/family members are the key to high-performing schools, Emily wants to encourage families to take advantage of the many ways they can contribute to our Byers community, helping ensure that all students thrive during their middle and high school years.

Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities:


Chair – The chair is responsible for overseeing monthly STP Board meetings and overseeing the STP Implementation Plan.

  • Responsible for drafting and overseeing annual STP Implementation Plan.
  • Helps oversee all projects for each STP Officer position.
  • Member of STP/Byers fundraising committee.
Vice Chair

Vice Chair - The Vice Chair communicates regularly with the Chair and participates equally in all designated Chair functions.

  • In the absence or disability of the Chair, performs the duties of the Chair.
  • Attends all Leadership Team Meetings, keeps written minutes of all Leadership Team Meetings 
  • Attends all school-wide STP meetings.
  • Manages specific STP projects in addition to their other duties.
Support Chair

Support Chair -The Support Chair supports parent engagement with the school by overseeing several community-building activities throughout the year.

  • Organizes 2 Parent Coffees/Forums. These will be forums on topics of interest to parents. May utilize outside speakers.
  • Assists in organizing parent/staff events to build community (i.e. happy hour, social at the park, Byers Bash style events).
  • Coordinates the activities of ALL support chair/volunteer activities, including but not limited to the High School, Middle School, Parent, Student & Staff Support Volunteer Chairs
Fundraising Chair (Co-Chair)

Fundraising Chair - The Fundraising Chair and Co-Chair direct STP fundraising strategies and activities and communicate fundraising goals to the DSST: Byers stakeholders, which may include both staff and parent/guardian community.

  • Directs Byers large fundraiser – Direct Give Campaign, Flight of the Falcons. 
  • Organize, track and monitor ongoing fundraising partnerships with major retailers such as King Soopors, Safeway. Seek out and coordinate partnerships with local retailers (such as restaurant nights) to benefit DSST Byers.  Provide consistent information to parents throughout the school year about how to participate in those programs.   
  • Build constructive relationships with DSST Home Office and other DSST parent fundraising volunteers to honor appropriate Network boundaries.  
  • Understand DSST: Byers’ budgeting needs; seek out and implement opportunities to meet DSST: Byers’ funding needs.

Secretary - The Secretary captures, coordinates and disseminates information about STP events and activities to the DSST: Byers community.

  • Records and publishes minutes of open general Board meetings.  
  • Oversees implementation and management of the Student Directory.
  • Creates and maintains a communication plan. Oversees the update of STP website; actively monitors the byersstp email accounts. Facilitates broadcast emails as requested.
  • Assists with creation and distribution (via Wednesday newsletter bundles) of promotion materials for STP sponsored events as requested by managing STP representation.

Treasurer - The Treasurer is financially responsible for the collection and disbursement of all STP funds, monitoring cash position, and ensuring accurate and documented accounting records.  

  • Participates in STP budget planning and preparation.
  • Manages reimbursement process and requests.
  • Pays vendor invoices and makes branch deposits as needed.
  • Maintains accurate financial records throughout the year to be reviewed at any time by members, other officers, or administration. Reports STP financial health and budget status at monthly STP meetings.
  • Manages STP bank account and supplies; reconciles with accounting system.
English as a Second Language (ESL) Parent Support

The ESL Parent Support Chair supports parent engagement with the school.

  • Identifies support systems and programs that will provide support to the ESL parent and student community at DSST: Byers. Provides translation support to the Secretary for all parent communications
Parent Support: 1 High School and 1 Middle School

The Parent Support Chair supports parent engagement with the school by overseeing several community building activities throughout the year.

  • Organizes 2 Parent Coffees/Forums. These will be forums on topics of interest to parents. May utilize outside speakers.
  • Assists in organizing parent/staff events to build community (i.e. happy hour, social at the park, Byers Bash style events).
Student Support: 1 High School and 1 Middle School

The Student Support Chairs develops and implements activities in support of the students. Facilitates volunteer opportunities through Parent Directory for student events. Jointly responsible with Parent Support Chair for all school social prior to school.

High School Student Support
  • Helps with planning and coordination of Spirit Week and Homecoming. 
  • Collaboration with Student Government on extracurricular events/projects.
Staff Support

The Staff Support Chair acts as the primary liaison for STP to provide ancillary support to the DSST: Byers teaching and administration staff.

  • Soliciting and coordinating volunteers to donate for predefined staff appreciation events such as staff breakfasts and lunches and stocking of the teachers’ lounge. 
  • Working with other parent volunteers and STP Secretary to communicate upcoming events through newsletters, email broadcasts, etc. 
  • Setting up and managing the signup sheets on MySchoolAnywhere, reminding parents of upcoming donations, and thanking parents for donations.
Parent Representative to the DSST (Network) Board

This role is accountable for attending quarterly DSST Network Board meetings as a ‘parent representative’ for Byers.  The representative is a non-voting attendee. DSST Board meetings discuss the long term sustainable goals of the entire DSST Network, while addressing the financial, emotional, academic, operation and growth of the network.  Historically, meetings rotate between DSST campuses, meeting from 2:30pm – 5:30 pm.  Commitment to attend each scheduled DSST Network Board meeting.  Reports at STP Meetings.

Groups at Byers Moderators
Groups at Byers allow you to communicate in place until we’re able to convene as a broader community. The concept of Groups is STP’s response to feedback we’ve received from the Byers parent community about not finding space on their terms (culturally and otherwise) to connect with other parents. Groups at Byers mirror the affinity groups you’ll already find in middle and high school – but these Groups are for parents.
Anyone (even you!) can propose a Group. To establish and onboard a Group, STP evaluates the following.
Main Criteria:
  • Does the Group align with the DSST: Byers brand and community standards?
  • Does the Group address a topic or need in a way that benefits the community?
  • Is a moderator available and committed to the Group?
Community Norms:
  • All behavior on this platform shall align with the DSST: Byers brand and core values.
  • As an independent organization that supports DSST: Byers, STP has the right to establish and enforce DSST: Byers core values and code of conduct.
  • A moderator will monitor each Group.
  • When a parent intently or routinely violates these community norms, the moderator will document and may recommend removal from the Group only (not from the use of this website).
  • Monitors or guides community engagement and dialogues within the Group
  • Ensures alignment of community norms
Additional Volunteer Positions:

Byers Bash Committee – Plans annual all school Byers Bash February event in connection with Parent Support Chairs.

Parent Portal Directory – Responsible for update of campus-wide DSST: Byers Family Directory

ESL Committee Members – Assist ESL Chairs with community outreach and translation support

Fundraising Committee – Help with Flight of the Falcons, coordinate smaller fundraising events

STP Org Chart | 2021-22

STP Org Chart

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