DSST: Byers Science and Tech Parents (STP) Bylaws

Article I: Name

Section 1. This organization shall be named “Science and Tech Parents,” also known as “STP.”

Article II: Purpose

Section 1. The purpose of this organization shall be:

A. Build community and enhance student experience through events and programs.
B. Promote and coordinate parent volunteers for activities.
C. Provide a forum for families to share information and find resources.
D. Raise funds to support students, staff and family activities at DSST:Byers

Article III: Commitment

Section 1. The DSST: Byers STP (hereafter STP) commits that all actions taken in support of the above shall meet the following minimum requirements:

A. The Chair, in conjunction with all board members, shall create a written proposal for all
STP activities no later than March 31st for a plan to begin the following August. Each
STP Officer shall draft/update his/her section of the overall plan. The proposal shall be
provided to the parent community for review and comment no later March 31st.
B. The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary shall present the written plan to the Director,
Director of Curriculum and Instruction, or other designated staff no later than April 15th
for review. If no feedback is received from the Director, Director of Curriculum and
Instruction, or other designated staff by May 1st, the STP shall consider that item as
approved by the school administration.
C. A final implementation plan shall be provided to the Director, Director of Curriculum and
Instruction, or other designated staff and the STP board no later than the last day of
D. All projects shall be approved by DSST: Byers, voted on by the STP board and adopted
by majority vote.
E. No single STP board member shall have the authority to commit the STP to a project
absent a majority board vote.
F. All projects shall be developed in partnership with the school administration and the
parent community.
G. All projects shall be housed and accountable to an identified board member.
H. The Director, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, or other designated staff shall
designate an administrator or staff member as an assigned point of contact for each
approved project. The designated Byers staff shall be responsible for working with the
STP for the successful development and implementation of the project to which they are
I. Volunteers for all STP projects shall be solicited through an open process.

Article IV: Communication Plan

Section 1. The STP commits to the following communication plan for all projects to maximize
efficiency and to reduce burden on school administration:

A. Each project/event will be housed under an STP Board member. The STP project owner
will draft a written implementation plan that outlines the purpose of the project/event and
all details associated with the project/event. All questions, issues, and concerns shall be
provided to the STP board member assigned to the project.
B. The STP Board member responsible for the event/project will provide the DSST: Byers
Administrator serving as their liaison a copy of the implementation plan and will include
relevant questions/concerns.

Article V: Authority

Section 1. STP was created at the request of the Board of Directors of the Denver School of
Science and Technology (DSST) and derives its authority from DSST. DSST Public Schools
views STP-Byers as a valuable asset towards the goal of educating its students and invites
input from STP regarding decisions it makes and values the volunteer resources it provides.
However, as an entity within the structure of DSST Public Schools, STP-Byers may not obligate
DSST Public Schools to any expense without prior authorization from the STP budget
committee process nor may it take any action that contravenes the stated mission, philosophy,
policies, code of conduct, or bylaws of DSST Public Schools as determined by the Campus
Director and the DSST Public Schools Board of Directors.

Article VI: Members

Section 1. All faculty, staff, and parents and/or guardians of students at DSST: Byers shall be
considered members of STP and shall be welcome to participate in any or all meetings and
other activities. There shall be no qualifications, payments, or requirements associated with this
membership. Every member shall have one vote on any question brought before the group at
any STP meeting he or she attends. Only members present at any given meeting have a vote,
non-present members may not vote.

Article VII: Officers

Section 1. Eligibility.

Any parent member of STP shall be eligible for election to the STP Board.
The High-School specific STP board positions shall be filled only by parents of students in
grades 9 through 12; the Middle-School specific STP board positions shall be filled only by
parents of students in grades 6 through 8. All other offices shall be open to parents of any DSST

Section 2. Offices.

The following offices shall constitute the STP Board: STP Chair, STP
Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, Parent Support Chair, ESL Parent Support
Chair, Student Support Chair, Staff Support Chair, , Parent Representative to the DSST Board
of Directors.

Section 3. Presiding Order.

In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall preside over
meetings. When both presiding officers are absent, the Secretary shall preside.

Article VIII: Elections

Section 1. Time.

The elections shall be held at the school wide STP meeting in April of each year.

Section 2. Procedure.

A. Elections shall take place in the order listed in Article VII.
B. A member must be present to be nominated for any office unless he or she submits a
letter by fax, e-mail, mail, or hand-delivery to any STP officer or school staff member
before the election for that office begins, authorizing his nomination and indicating his
willingness to serve if elected. Telephone communication shall not be considered
sufficient for nomination. No absentee votes or voting by proxy shall be permitted.
C. The Chairman shall take nominations for each office from the floor, including any
nominations by letter as above. Any member may nominate himself/herself or any other
member. A nominee who wishes to decline should do so as his name is proposed.
Nominees shall introduce themselves and state their qualifications and reasons for
wishing to serve. The Chair shall then call for a vote by ballot for each nominee and shall
announce the result of the vote.
D. All nominees shall submit their names and the position they seek to hold to the Chair no
less than fourteen days prior to the election. The Chair shall publish the names no less
than ten days prior to the election.

Section 3. Terms of office.

Newly elected officers shall assume office with voting privileges on
the first day after the last day of the school year. Immediately following the April election, the
newly elected officer shall hold the position jointly with the outgoing officer. However, only the
outgoing officer has voting privileges through the last day of the school year.

A. The Chair shall serve a term of one year. The Chair may not serve two consecutive
years. There is no limit to the number of non-consecutive years that the Chair may
serve. Priority shall be given to nominees who have previously served on the STP. If
there is no nominee who has previously served on the STP, than other nominations may
be accepted.
B. All other board positions shall be elected to serve a one year term. They may run for
re-election for consecutive terms.

Article IX: Vacancies

Section 1. In the event of a vacancy on the STP Board, the vacancy shall be filled by an election
as in Article VIII, within two months after the vacancy occurs.

Section 2. Resignation, Termination, and Absences.

Resignation from the Board must be in
writing and received by the Secretary. A Board member shall be dropped for excess absences
from the Board if s/he has three unexcused absences from meetings in a calendar year. A
Board member may be removed for other reasons by a majority vote of the remaining directors.

Article X: Duties of Officers

Section 1. Chair.

A. The Chair shall organize and preside over a school-wide STP meeting in every month
from September through May.
B. The Chair shall be responsible for implementing the STP Plan for the year in which they
preside, finalized by the Board in the spring immediately prior to the beginning of their
term of office.
C. The Chair shall be responsible for working with all board members, volunteers, and
school administration to ensure compliance and successful fulfillment of all STP
sponsored projects.
D. The Chair shall be responsible for finalizing a written Implementation Plan for the school
year that begins following the end of their term of office.
E. The Chair is responsible for ensuring the proposed Implementation Plan is presented to
the Director, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, or other designated staff no later
than March 15th for review.
F. The Chair shall provide a written copy of the proposed Implementation Plan to the
Secretary to be posted on the STP web page no later than March 31st for comment from
the parent community.
G. At the April school-wide STP meeting, the Chair shall provide all members of the parent
community who are present an opportunity for public comment on the proposed
Implementation Plan.
H. The Chair, after receiving input from the board, the parent community, and school
administration, shall update the proposed Implementation Plan no later than April 30th
for a plan to begin the following school year.
I. The Chair, after receiving input from the board, the parent community, and school
administration shall draft a proposed final written Implementation Plan and provide it to
the Director, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, or other designated staff, and the
STP board for review no later than April 30th.
J. The Chair shall provide the final written Implementation Plan to the Director, Director of
Curriculum and Instruction, or other designated staff, and the STP board no later than
the last day of school.
K. The Chair shall establish meeting times with the Director, Director of Curriculum and
Instruction, and the Vice-Chair once per month from September through May and meet
with them on those days, hereafter called Leadership Team Meeting.
L. The Chair shall reach out to STP’s from other DSST campuses once in the fall and once
in the spring to facilitate relationship building and community between the schools.

Section 2. Vice-Chair.

A. The Vice-Chair shall, in the absence or disability of the Chairman, perform the duties of
the Chairman.
B. The Vice-Chair shall attend all Leadership Team Meetings.
C. The Vice-Chair shall keep written minutes of all Leadership Team Meetings and provide
them to the board no later than two business days after the meeting.
D. The Vice-Chair shall attend all school-wide STP meetings and Executive Board
E. The Vice-Chair shall be in regular communication with the Chair and participate equally
in all designated chair functions.
F. The Vice-Chair shall have responsibility for managing specific STP projects in addition to
their other duties.

Section 3. Parent Support Chair.

A. The Parent Support Chair creates parent engagement with the school by overseeing
several community building activities throughout the year.
B. The Parent Support Chair, collaborating with school leadership, shall develop, plan and
implement ongoing ways to build parent community at DSST: Byers.
C. The Parent Support Chair shall define and develop key events/activities that are realistic
and sustainable for each year the school grows in size.
D. The Parent Support Chair shall enlist the participation of the parent community to
conceive and carry out activities in support of the families of DSST: Byers students,
allowing parents to connect with fellow advisory parents, overall grade and overall
E. The Parent Support Chair shall maintain/update the Parent Resource Listing published
to the STP website.

Section 4. English as a Second Language Parent Support Chair.

A. The ESL Parent Support Chair shall identify support systems and programs that will
provide support to the ESL parent and student community at DSST: Byers.
B. The ESL Chair shall develop a proposed structure and implementation plan which be
provided to the STP Board for approval. Once the STP Board has approved the plan, the
Chair shall present the plan to the Leadership Team for approval.
C. The ESL Chair shall work with the staff member designated by the Leadership team to
enlist the participation of parent volunteers to carry out all approved activities.

Section 5. Student Support Chair.

A. The Student Support Chair supports the Dean responsible for student activities.
B. The Student Support Chair shall solicit and organize parent volunteers for student
activities as directed by the DSST project sponsor.

Section 6. Secretary.

A. The Secretary captures, coordinates and disseminates information about STP events
and activities to the DSST: Byers community.
B. The Secretary shall record and publish minutes of open general STP Board meetings.
C. The Secretary shall oversee implementation and management of the Student Directory.
D. The Secretary shall oversee an STP communication process..
E. The Secretary shall actively monitor the Byers STP e-mail accounts.
F. The Secretary shall facilitate broadcast e-mails as directed.
G. The Secretary may assist with creation and distribution of promotion materials for STP
sponsored events as requested by managing STP representative.

Section 7. Treasurer.

The Treasurer is financially responsible for the collection and disbursement of all STP funds, monitoring cash position and ensuring accurate and documented accounting records.

A. The Treasurer shall provide a written report to the STP Chair for board review on a
monthly basis from August through May.
B. The Treasurer shall be required to attend one meeting STP meeting per trimester to
report STP financial health and budget status.
C. The Treasurer shall participate in STP budget planning and preparation.
D. The Treasurer shall manage reimbursement processes and requests.
E. The Treasurer shall pay vendor invoices and make branch deposits as needed on a
timely basis.
F. The Treasurer maintains accurate financial records throughout the year to be reviewed
at any time by members, other officers or administration.
G. The Treasurer manages the STP bank account and supplies; reconciles with accounting

Section 8. Fundraising Chair

A. The Chair shall be responsible for developing and implementing a fundraising plan in
partnership with the Leadership Team.
B. The Fundraising Chair shall develop and manage ongoing and trimester fundraising
C. The Fundraising Chair shall present a proposed plan to the STP Board for approval.
Once the plan has been approved by the Board, the Chair shall present it to the
Leadership Team for approval.
D. The Chair shall be responsible for developing and managing all volunteers necessary for
the successful implementation and development of all fundraising activities.
E. The Chair shall present all financial information from any event they manage to the
Treasurer in writing within seven (7) days from the completion of the event.

Section 9. Parent Representative to the DSST Board of Directors.

The Parent Representative to the DSST Board of Directors shall serve as a non-voting member of that board. He or she shall attend the regular meetings of the DSST Board with all the duties
and privileges of membership other than voting; shall bring to the Board’s attention any
grievances or questions STP members shall wish conveyed; and shall report the response(s) of
the Board to STP.

Section 11. Staff Support Chair.

The Staff Support Chair acts as the primary liaison for STP to provide ancillary support to the
DSST: Byers teaching and administration staff.

A. The Staff Support Chair shall solicit and coordinate volunteers to donate for predefined
staff appreciation events.
B. The Staff Support Chair shall work with other parent volunteers and STP Secretary to
communicate upcoming staff events.
C. The Staff Support Chair shall set up and manage the signup mechanism, reminding
parents of upcoming donations, following up with thank-you acknowledgements.

Article XI: Meetings

Section 1. Time and place.

The regular meetings of STP shall be held once a month during the
months of September through May. The agenda for each of these meetings shall be drawn up
by the Board and published to the school on the STP website at least one week prior to the
meeting. The meeting schedule for the year shall be published on the STP website in
September of each year.

Article XII: Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of STP by a vote of two thirds of those
present, provided that the wording of the proposed amendment has been given in the call to the

Article XIII: Parliamentary Authority

Section 1. The STP shall run in a consensus matter, formal votes will be taken for all issues
where there is no clear consensus.

Section 2. If this organization ceases to exist, any funds shall go to DSST: Byers.

By-laws amended on 4/18/17 by vote of the STP.